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Principle, structure and price of rotary reducer device

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Principle, structure and price of rotary reducer device

The rotary reducer is a transmission mechanism of the full rotary reducer integrated with the driving power supply. It USES a slewing support as a drive follower and a mechanism connector. By connecting the drive member to an inner and outer ring of the slewing support, the drive source and cover and another ring are used as the drive follower and connecting seat of the driven working part. In this way, the use of the slewing support itself is the characteristics of the full slewing connection, its driving power supply and the main driving components make it a general type of slewing transmission mechanism that integrates the functions of rotation, deceleration and drive. At the same time, the structure is simple and easy to manufacture and maintain.Principle, structure and price of rotary reducer device

The module, due to the high integration of the rotary drive, users do not have to buy and process every part of the rotary device, which also reduces the preparation process in the initial production stage to a certain extent, thus greatly improving labor productivity.

Safety, the worm wheel drive has the characteristic of reverse self-locking, can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm wheel, can not be driven by the worm wheel. This makes the rotary drive widely used in lifting, aerial operations and other equipment. At the same time of increasing the technical content of the host, it also greatly improves the stability and security of the host. Compared with the traditional rotary products, the rotary drive is simple to install and easy to maintain, saving the installation space to a great extent.

Simplify the design of the main engine, compared with the traditional gear drive, worm gear drive can get a large reduction ratio. In some cases, can save the host reducer parts, so as to reduce the customer's purchase costs, greatly reduce the occurrence of host failure. Speed. Because its structure mostly adopts enveloping worm and hard tooth surface gear, it can be used in low-speed and high-torque situations and has been widely used in solar energy tracking system. In order to apply it to the engineering field, many manufacturers have developed gear structures and applied them at high speed.

The price of a rotary reducer is usually made up of a rotary bearing, a worm, a motor and a housing. It has the function of connection, rotation and support of slewing support, as well as the structure of worm drive. It has the advantages of compact structure, large output torque, smooth transmission and long service life. Jinyu rotary reducer is easy to install and saves a lot of space for installation. Rotary reducer sells well, maintenance is convenient, can save cost greatly.

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