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Rotary drive reducer application

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Rotary drive reducer application

The rotary drive reducer is an independent closed drive device between the prime mover and the working machine, which is used to reduce the rotating speed and increase the torque to meet the working needs. The main parameters such as center distance, transmission ratio, modulus and tooth width coefficient are standardized. The rotary reducer is a kind of gear to realize the reduction of worm drive. The worm is driven by a motor, which rotates the outer ring, which outputs torque through a flange, and the inner ring is fixed on the base. The rotary reducer has been widely used in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation.Rotary drive reducer application

The rotary drive reducer is in contact with the rotary support and the toroidal worm structure. It has the characteristics of large driving torque and smooth operation. It can bear large radial and axial load and strong overturning moment. With good wind resistance, it is widely used in the new energy industry such as solar photovoltaic power generation system by domestic and foreign customers. At present, there are 9 categories of products, ranging from 3 inches to 25 inches, more than 60 varieties of rotary reducer, sales of rotary reducer, can meet different forms of photovoltaic, photoelectric, rotary reducer type, as well as light, heat demand.

The guiding role of slewing support parameters in the selection: 1. The selection of slewing bearings should be based on the user's needs, user's conditions of use, use frequency, as well as the structure of slewing bearings to choose. 2. According to the customer's slewing support installation platform, installation size, shape size and other parameters, initially select the appropriate slewing support size range

3. According to the customer's load requirements, precision requirements, jump clearance, etc.

Therefore, the choice of slewing support must be made according to the user's demand parameters for slewing support. The parameters of slewing support and the application of slewing reducer determine the accuracy of slewing support selection.

The rotary drive reducer device usually consists of rotary bearing, worm, housing, bearing and motor, etc. It is widely used in the relative rotating part of construction machinery and solar energy system. Also used in mining machinery, port lifting machinery, port oil transport equipment, land and sea cranes, excavators, concrete machinery, paper machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, textile machinery, steel mills, electronic power stations, wind power, other construction and industrial machinery or equipment.

The solar gyroscope driver is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads and transmit torque. Rotation can be on one axis or on multiple axes. Sun track rotary drive device production gear, bearings, seals, housing, motor and other auxiliary parts, and assembled into finished gear box.

Worm rotary drive is composed of multiple rotary bearings and a worm. The worm gear transmits torque to the slewing support and has an optional gear clearance to reduce rotational speed. Liebherr offers worm drive raceway up to 725mm in diameter. The rotary drive comes in many configurations. One or more driving devices can be used. The worm shaft can be single shaft or double shaft. All versions offer brake or position sensing options. Lubrication can be done with grease or oil. A spur gear rotary drive is usually driven by one or more pinion gears supported by bearings. This rotating transmission has the characteristics of fast speed and good heat dissipation. The design is a perfect combination of slewing bearings and actuators.

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Belt rotation, drive is an ideal choice for high peripheral speed applications with high efficiency and extremely low noise.

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