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What is a slewing support and its failure analysis

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What is a slewing support and its failure analysis

The slewing support usually consists of worm, slewing support, shell, motor and other parts. Because the core part USES slewing support, it can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. There are many forms, but the structure is basically the same. The slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing which can bear the comprehensive load, the large axial and radial load and the overturning moment at the same time.

Slewing bearings are also known as rotary table bearings, and some people call them: slewing bearings, slewing bearings

What is a slewing support and its failure analysis

Slewing bearings are widely used in industry. It is called "the joint of the machine". It is a mechanical place that requires relative rotary motion between two objects, while also bearing axial force, radial force and overturning moment. Necessary and important transmission parts. With the rapid development of mechanical industry, slewing bearings have been widely used in ship equipment, engineering machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries.

The slewing support usually consists of worm, slewing support, shell, motor and other parts. Because the core component USES a slewing support, Therefore, it can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. There are many forms, but the structure is basically the same.

Slewing bearings are widely used in practical industry and are called "mechanical joints" Widely used in: truck crane, railway crane, port crane, sea crane, metallurgical crane, container crane Machinery, excavator, filling machine, CT machine standing wave therapy apparatus, navigation apparatus, radar antenna base, missile launcher, tank, Robots, revolving restaurants, etc. In addition to all kinds of construction machinery, the application range of slewing bearings is also expanding. Currently, it is similar to port equipment, metallurgy Gold equipment, drilling platforms and other equipment platforms have begun to use slewing bearings to replace the original bearings.

Port equipment: port crane, the telescopic crane provided by luoyang zhanlu bearing co., LTD New energy equipment: wind power equipment, solar energy equipment Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical crane, ladle turntable, steel grab, mud gun, oxygen blowing device Amusement equipment: ferris wheel, etc. Airport equipment: airport tanker Military equipment: radar, tanks, etc. Robot: stacking robot, welding robot, manipulator Medical equipment: gamma knife Environmental protection equipment: scraper Parking facilities: tower garage Drilling floor equipment, kitchen equipment, numerical control equipment (line cutting machine, quenching machine), brick machine Generally, the rotary bearing rolling body is made of monolithic quenched carbon chromium bearing steel. Level GCr15 or GCr15SiMn Steel manufacturing; The rotary bearing is made of surface quenched steel. When the user has no special requirements, it is generally made of 50Mn steel. But sometimes in order to meet the needs of the host in some special applications, other grades of hardened steel can be selected according to the specific conditions of use provided by the user, such as 42CrMo, 5CrMnMo, etc.

Cage material

What is a slewing support and its failure analysis01

The slewing support retainer has the whole structure, the section, the isolation block and so on. Where the whole section cargo compartment The frame is made of 20# steel or ZL102 cast aluminium alloy. The isolation block is made of polyamide 1010 resin and ZL102 diecasted aluminum alloy Gold and other manufacturing industries. In recent years, with the continuous development of material industry, nylon GRPA66.25 has been promoted and applied in the design of segment cage. The slewing support of excavator usually works under heavy load, and the working environment of excavator

Relatively harsh is that the slewing support is prone to failure, the most common is the occurrence of a variety of abnormal noise. That's different when it sounds like, what causes it? What can I do to fix the problem? The first thing to make clear is that when the slewing bearings are idling soon after they leave the factory, they will produce a uniform rolling sound of a steel ball. This is normal noise; If it is just installed, there is no small abnormal noise does not matter, generally will disappear after a period of time. Today we're talking about loud sounds and special sounds. When you hear a particular noise, you need to pay attention. When there is abnormal sound, is it necessary due to installation and operation problems? When the irregularity of the installation surface does not meet the requirements, the raceway will form a negative gap, resulting in abnormal sound; In addition, when the pinion gear does not mesh properly, there may be abnormal noise, which may also lead to tooth fracture. In addition, when the installation bolt is loose, the slewing support is elastic deformed and the deformation position produces negative clearance. Check immediately and tighten bolts as required. When there is sand, iron and other foreign matter inside the slewing support, it will produce non-periodic vibration, and at the same time, it will appear the fault of inflexible rotation. In case of such a situation, all bearings, shafts, seat holes and mating parts must be cleaned strictly before installation, and foreign matters in the lubricating oil should be removed in time; Be sure to avoid plastic cages with foreign material or foreign material embedded in them. Only in this way can the corresponding abnormal noise be eliminated.

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